This Series is a product of IZK's long manufacturing history of grinders that aim for higher precision, better rigidity, and simpler operations. IZK is determined to answer to the various needs of the future, and to take up the endless challenges of the new generation of the industrial industry including submicron precision.

The best chucking style is selected to fit the size and shape of the work piece. IZUMI optimizes the work piece loading method Single/Double arm loader, T-arm loader, Loading lever type or Gantry loader system. Dressing systems include Cup/Disk type rotary dressing on CBN wheels, and straight/contouring or formed rotary dressing on regular/ceramic wheels. For both Feed and Table slides, IZUMI employs its traditional V-Flat cross-section design which maintains high machine accuracy and rigidity.


Compact machines for internal grinding of small work pieces with φ5~φ40mm bore. Typical applications include inner and outer ring bearings, bushings, torque-converter parts and sleeves. IZUMI optimizes machine cycle times and stable grinding by utilizing a large variety of chuck types, T-arm or lever type loaders, CBN wheel type dressers and auto-sizing system.


The KN-203 vertical grinder is considered as another addition to Izumi's technological breakthrough. Its' highly efficient and rigid processing system are all designed into a compact body providing perfect space-saving solutions. Designed for groove grinding of thrust bearings, the KN-203 is equipped with a shoe magnet chuck system. This grinder can also accommodate straight internal grinding for collar and bush applications that have two chucking system options to choose from: diaphragm or scroll chuck


CNC machines designed for various types of small or medium volume production. These machines utilize IZUMI's proprietary software which enables 3-step grinding on both bore and face surfaces. This system also enables simple setting of process positions and grinding/dressing conditions through teaching steps on the unique Macro-screen. The feed and tables slides on the KN-114 are positioned separately. The feed side of the KN-115, on the other hand, is installed on top of the table slide.

KN-114/KN-115AG KN-115/KN-215

KN-116 is fully automatic duplex spindle internal grinding machine. 2 wheel head spindles type machine can grind both bore and face using a single chuck. 2 work head spindles type machine using gantry loader to work loading to spindle while another spindle engages in grinding, reducing idle time to zero.


The KN-118 CNC Internal Grinding Machine is suited for processing various types of large work pieces for small quantity production. The user may choose from a variety of work support system: scroll chuck, diaphragm chuck, magnet chuck etc. Moreover, the slide is now coupled with a state-of-the-art LM guide. A 7.5kw motor is originally mounted on the wheel head. However, the user now has the option to incorporate their own required high frequency spindle.



IZK's external grinders enjoy a great deal of popularity for its reliability in extensive grinding applications particularly in the bearing and automobile industries. The reputed acceptance and proven performance of our grinders are substantiated by our expertise and experience developed over the past 30 years and successful shipment of 1000 units to date.
A highly accurate grinding performance is provided through an improved rigid work head feeding mechanism, a stable double arm type loading and unloading system, and the application of an independent AC servo motor that helps prevent poor accuracy due to thermal and vibration influence.

Standard sized machine with high rigidity designed to grind materials of φ10mm~φ100mm outside diameter. Standard features include hydrostatic wheel head, double-arm loader and 2 shoe magnet type chuck. Three dressing styles are available-Formed Rotary, NC Contouring and Radius. The wheel spindle unit is completely fixed on the machine bed. With the 2 shoe-magnet chuck type machine, the work spindle may be swiveled to perform angular grinding of bearing rings, cam followers, bushings or rod-ends.


Compact machines with high accuracy and efficiency designed for external grinding of small work pieces under φ35mm outside diameter. These machines are best suited for OD grinding of small bearing rings, bushings, cam followers, rod-ends and other work piece types. Machines are provided with a hydrostatic wheel head, double arm loader, collets or 2 shoe-magnetic chuck. Two types of selectable wheel dressing are available-Formed Rotary and NC Contouring. Grinding feed is provided by the wheel slide.


Specially designed to grind external raceway, straight or tapered boss of Hub-unit bearing inner components. 2 shoe-magnetic chuck combined with vertical loader or collets/diaphragm chuck with double-arm loader enables fully automatic transfer of work pieces from the work chute.


Specially designed to grind stems of tri-port spiders. The round or oval OD grinding is available, Oval OD grinding is performed through IZK's proprietary NC profiling technology. Combination of special index-chuck with gantry loader enables fully automatic transfer of work pieces from stocker.


Specially designed compact machine to grind two surfaces on valve seats or four faces on needle valves at one time. A special internal transfer loader and a material handling chuck convey work pieces quickly and efficiently.


The KN-320 is best suited for processing various kinds of round and large type work pieces for small quantity production. Precise feeding is possible through the mechanism of the following: feed table, cross slide, dress compensation slide, and a large type ball screw directly connected to an AC servo motor. Further, maintenance time has been greatly reduced. Due to its LCD-based user interface, the KN-320 can make various operations such as slide positioning and speed setting easier to handle.



The IZUMI complex grinding machines are designed to grind external and internal surface simultaneously. 2 shoe-magnet type chuck supports the work piece. Standard features include a unique powerful magnetic chuck, hydrostatic bearing for the external grinding spindle, internal grinding with high-frequency and high rigid spindle and a single-arm loader. For dressing, either formed rotary or NC contouring style can be applied. The simultaneous grinding of external and internal surfaces by one chucking operation results in excellent concentricity of the two surfaces. Simultaneous surface grinding also cuts total cycle time and floor space in half. It has been proven that the machine is especially beneficial in grinding CV-joint cages, Joint-rollers, bushings, collars and synchro-cones.

KN-421 brings higher process accuracy and productivity with its tough body structure and unique one-chuck dual grinding of Internal and External surfaces. Both Internal and External cutting feed are performed by wheel slides while keeping same inlet and outlet position of work pieces.



External shaft is made vertical while the internal shaft is horizontally set. It is an originally developed machine providing excellent rigidity and precision. With a compact structure, auto loading and transfer systems, labour-saving is realized



These machines are designed to super-finish raceway of radial type ball bearings. It is equipped with twin(rough and fine) lightweight vertical spindles that oscillate at high speeds to produce a superior finish. The carrier type loading/unloading mechanism minimizes idle time.



Designed to super-finish the raceway of boss or outer ring of the 3rd generation type Hub-bearings. A special transfer loader unit is provided for transferring the work pieces. Available chucking system to choose from include 2 shoe magnet chuck or diaphragm chuck.



Designed to super-finish raceway of clutch release or belt tension bearings. Single type provided with oscillating head and simple T-loader combined with external 2 shoe or bore shoe chuck that ensures short cycle times and stable processing.


Designed to super-finish raceway of taper outer ring or taper shaft of Hub-bearings. Machine type can select form vertical type or horizontal type. External 2 shoe or bore shoe chuck provide stable processing.


Designed to super-finish raceway of thrust ball bearings. Options include single spindle vertical type with T-loader or horizontal type with pick-up loader and conveyor for work piece transfer. Each model has 2-shoe type chuck.


Designed to super-finish raceway of water pump bearings. Work piece is supported by 2 rollers and a clamp. A turnover type loader transfers outer rings, while a material handling chuck or a turnover type loader transfers the shafts.

Designed to super-finish straight or crowned external/internal surfaces of cam-follower, taper, or cylindrical roller bearings. IZUMI has developed a unique fine oscillation unit to produce a uniform finish. The optimum method of work piece support is selected based upon the type of work piece to be machined. Several clamping options available include 3-point support by 2-roller and clamp, 2-shoe type chuck, and twin center support.


This series is specially developed for assembling parts of bearings. From an assembly machine that carries a series of work stages including ball retainer filling, caulking, grease insertion etc. Up to individual stations including a washing machine, clearance checking station, visual inspection machine, work stocker unit etc. All bearing assembly related equipments are provided.

Automation line combined with some grinders and gantry loader system or other loading system.


IZK's wheel head spindle units are created based on IZK's excellent technology developed over years of rich experience. The KN-113 series are equipped with MH type spindles while the MH-C types are furnished for ceramic ball bearings applications. Lubrication for all types is done by oil mist which helps maintain life of bearings. Moreover, high frequency spindles are also provided for ultra-high speed applications over 60,000rpm.


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