Compatible with diverse external grinding requirements

IZUMI KINZOKU's external grinders enjoy a great deal of popularity for its reliability in extensive grinding applications particularly in the bearing and automobile industries. The reputed acceptance and proven performance of our grinders are substantiated by our expertise and experience developed over the past 30 years and successful shipment of 1000 units to date.
A highly accurate grinding performance is provided through an improved rigid work head feeding mechanism, a stable double arm type loading and unloading system, and the application of an independent AC servo motor that helps prevent poor accuracy due to thermal and vibration influence.


  • (1) CNC FEED MECHANISM - Large size precision ball screws directly connected to AC servo motors are provided on both grinding and dress feed units. Through this, a precise and steady infeed travel is achieved while cutting down maintenance time. The feed position and speed are displayed on the LCD display that enables simple and easy operation. The feed amount and speed can be set at minimum unit of 0.5 μm.
  • (2) WORK HEAD INFEED SYSTEM - The Work head slide produces an infeed motion while the wheel spindle, which has the highest usually the largest vibration source is rigidly mounted onto the machine bed. This arrangement achieves stabilized grinding accuracy.
  • (3) HYDROSTATIC SPINDLE BEARING - The Wheel spindle is supported by IZK's unique Hydrostatic bearing system which helps minimize spindle runout and provides a semi-permanent bearing life. An accumulator and oil coolant is provided with the hydraulic tank as standard accessories.
  • (4) AUTOMATIC WHEEL BALANCING SYSTEM - An excellent and sensitive Auto-balance system is provided as an option to eliminate troublesome balancing and time loss.
  • (5) LOADING DEVICE - The most commonly used loading/unloading device is double arm type that is usually combined with a shoe-magnet type work piece support system. The loading and unloading arms are driven by a simple rack-pinion mechanism providing quick, steady work movement and less maintenance. Other type of loading systems can also be adopted to suit the work piece shape and size.
  • (6) WORK PIECE SUPPORT SYSTEM - The shoe magnet type chuck is recommended for ring shaped work pieces. The work piece is held by a strong magnet chuck and driven by the work head. At the same time, a pair of shoes act as a support to hold the OD of the work piece to achieve complete ground roundness and perpendicularity. IZK can also design and manufacture other types of chucking systems to accomodate work pieces that are not of round in shape. (e.g. diaphragm chuck with a proper loading device)
  • (7) GAUGING UNIT - In process gauge, post process gauge and feedback system can be easily installed
  • (8) DRESSER UNIT - Various types of dressing units such as Radius dressing,rotary dressing, profile dressing, lip dressing, and convex radius dressing are available to choose from to accommodate a wide range of work pieces.

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