The KN-113 series is composed of CNC-controlled, fully-automatic cylindrical grinders that pursue high level grinding in terms of performance, rigidity, efficiency, and flexibility. The design is rooted from IZK's well-received KN-111 and KN-112 series.

KN-113 is traverse cut type. KN-213 is plunge cut type.

KN-113 Image


KN-113A Chuck Type

KN-113B Shoe Centerless Type

KN-113C 2 Roller 1 Shoe Type

KN-213 Plunge Cut Type


(1) Highly reliable V-flat guide slides are provided but with a wider guide width. Through this, the feed table and wheel spindle table have better rigidity and damped vibration.

(2) A CNC device that boasts of user-friendly operations and big memory capacity are provided which help set the grinding parameters through a menu setting environment. A total of 10 job types ocan be registered.

(3) A highly rigid disc type rotary dresser unit, dress menu, and wheel spindle are built-in the machine that can adopt both ceramic and CBN wheels.

(4) Various automatic loading system designs are available to match the work piece form. Device matches with steady function for wide variation of work piece form.

(5) In order to maintain precise bore cylindricality, a step motor is furnished on the swivel base of the workhead table. Swivel movement is executed through a one -touch operation. Moreover, a "constant peripheral speed" function for the grinding wheel is provided in order to accommodate a stable wheel wear.

(6) Depending on the work piece width and length, two table traverse mechanisms are available to choose from :1) eccentric cam oscillation for higher frequency or 2) ball screw traverse mechanism driven by an AC servo motor.

(7) A whole machine cover "top deck" style is provided to prevent coolant splash.

(8) In order to prevent coolant infiltration into the slide table, the slide is designed higher than the bed. A machine-bed-washout provision is also provided for eliminating sludge build-up.

(9) The operation switches have been ergonomically set at a lower height level for easier access.

Machine Type KN-113A
KN-113B KN-113C KN-213
Grind Max OD. size of work(φmm) 150(Special 200) 50(Special 90) 90(Special 130) 30(Special 60) 90(Special 150)
Grind Max ID. size of work(φmm) 5~110(Special 150) 5~40(Special 70) 4~70(Special 110) 3~30(Special 50) 50(Special 80)
Work width(mm) 50(Special 120) 50(Special 70) 30(Special 50) 20(Special 60) 30(Special 80)
Wheel spindle motor 3.75kw~7.5kw 2P H.F motor 4kw 2P Same as KN-113
Workhead rotation(rpm) 220~2000 300~2000 500~3000 200~1200 210~3000
Swivel angle(deg) ±1(Special -1~+15) ±1 ±1 ±1  
Workhead center height(mm) 1025 1025 965 965 Same as KN-113
Work spindle motor 2.2kw~5.5kw 4P 0.75kw~1.5kw 4P Same as KN-113
Table stroke(mm) 500(NC), 250(Hydraulic) 500(NC), 250(Hydraulic) 300(NC), 150(Hydraulic) 300(NC), 150(Hydraulic) 450(NC), 300(Hydraulic)
Oscillation amplitude(mm) 100(NC), 40(Hydraulic) 70(NC), 40(Hydraulic) 40(NC), 20(Hydraulic) 40(NC), 20(Hydraulic)  
Table motor(Z-axis) 4.0kw AC servo motor
Cross feed amplitude(mm) FWD.35(50), REV.25(30) FWD.35(50), REV.25(30) FWD.35(50), REV.25(30) FWD.35(50), REV.25(30) Same as KN-113
Cross feed speed(μ/sec) 1500
Cross feed motor(X-axis) 4.0kw AC servo motor
Dressing Single point, Rotary disk, Rotary cup, Formed rotary
Loading Manual or Gantry Single/Double arm T-type, Carrier, Flow-type Loading lever Same as KN-113
Sizing Sizematic or Gaugematic
Hydraulic motor 2.2kw 4P
Floor space(mm x mm) 2400 x 1540 2400 x 1540 1800 x 1500 1800 x 1500 Same as KN-113
Weight(kg) 3500 4000 4500 4000 Same as KN-113
Coolant tank capacity 200L(350L:with paper filter)
Work support type Diaphragm, Finger, Collet, Scroll 2 Shoes&Magnet 2 Rollers&1 Shoe (Skew type, Pressure type) Same as KN-113
Work pieces Crank, Con-rod,Gear, Compressor cylinder Bearing, Collar, Valve rotary Roller, Bush, Synchro-cone, Bearing I/R Collar, Torque-converter, Tappet, Oil splasher, Bearing I/R, Rod-end ball CVJ(Outer,Cage), Ball bearing O/R, Thrust bearing, Double-row bearing, W.P. bearing, Angular bearing, Clutch bearing, Taper roller bearing

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